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Current location:Home > Industrial Park > Nanxiang Valley
Nanxiang Valley
       Located in Ningxi Industrial Park, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, with a total floor area of more than 700,000 square meters, the Group is currently building the largest multi-industry pattern of a brand-new dynamic ecological industrial park. Supporting construction includes headquarters economic and commercial office area, new eco-industrial chain innovation area, data center area, leisure and entertainment living area, public service area, etc. A 120,000 square metre multi-storey warehouse has been put into operation, and the project of "Haoyun Network Nanxiangguyun Base" has started, attracting rookie network, Jingdong Mall and Changpeng Industry to settle in.。
Nanxiang Valley/南香谷
  • Business Call:18520153369、18520153340、18520153371
  • address:廣東省廣州市增城區寧西工業園
Nanxiang Valley/ 南香谷
  • Business:18520153369、18520153340、18520153371
  • address:廣東省廣州市增城區寧西工業園
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